Load Out Sales Manager is a management capability to manage plant production by shift and automate the process of billing ticketed material for asphalt, aggregate and selected recycling facilities.

Libra Systems Generation 3 does a masterful job of capturing plant load-out data. However, businesses struggle with getting this information into their accounting systems quickly and accurately, not to mention the need to use this collected data for invoicing purposes.

This is where our Plant Sales Automation software comes in. Our automated solution provides the ability to import ticket and sales data from the plant(s) directly into a central database, which is then used for the generation of invoices and the export of this data to your accounting system at the Invoice Level. No more time-consuming (and error-filled) re-keying of this critical data. Your data is now captured quickly and error-free!

This brief summarizes my approach for integrating data flow from the Libra Systems Generation 3 plant load-out system at one or more plants with your accounting system via two special purpose applications.


  • Timely – Bill material quickly.
  • Accurate – Achieve price-matching to managed quotes.
  • No More Re-Keying Data – The Loadout Sales Application will automatically draw transaction data from your loadout system.
  • Shift Reports – The Close Out Module  provides shift reports, including total tons of which material was acquired by each customer.
  • Return on Your Investment – The Loadout Sales Application will dramatically improve your billing process by increasing pricing accuracy by price-matching based on Job-Specific Quotes.

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