With the proliferation of the Internet and mobile devices, we all want to have access to everything from everywhere. The solution? Make as much of your business operation as possible available via the web browser of choice. Why? Your work force and customers are more likely to adapt quickly to a web based interface.

Years ago I built a great number of data management solutions as desktop applications. Compared to browser based applications, these have become more work to maintain, and as the user base grows, it is more of a hassle to update every user with the latest version of the application. With a browser based app, once the server is updated, every user receives the latest and greatest updates. Only a web browser is necessary; no other software has to loaded onto the users computer. 

Think about a company whose employees can enter and manage their time entry from any Internet connected device rather than having to come into the office to enter their time. Browser based apps are time savers, and therefore money savers, secured behind your organization’s Virtual Private Network (VPN).