ms accessMicrosoft Access has been around for many years and so have I. I’ve used all versions of Access to build prototypes and production applications, as well as reporting apps.

A Significant Change

Unfortunately Microsoft has dropped the support for Access Data Projects (ADP). I believe ADP’s were the best thing Microsoft ever had for rapid desktop database development. It provided the fastest access to Microsoft SQL Server databases when designed the right way. With Microsoft Access 2013, we no longer have support for direct connections to Microsoft SQL Server database. Their answer is to go back to ODBC connections, what I find to be about the slowest mechanism for data access. That given, we can still develop applications that use Microsoft Access for the user interface while still leveraging Microsoft SQL Server on the back-end. If we design all our queries in SQL Server, along with stored procedures for all our heavy lifting (data processing), we can still achieve a pretty-good-performing solution.

A Great Option

Browser Based Applications (Apps) can provide a great alternative to Microsoft Access ADP Apps and desktop applications in general. They provide direct connections to Microsoft SQL Server databases – as well as others – and when updated, all updates apply to all users without multiple installations on individual machines. AND they are cross platform … and mobile. Read More …

Can My Old Access Database be Converted?

With attention to detail and focused effort Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Access databases can be converted to SQL Server databases, providing for growth and expanded functionality.

Links of Interest

Example of Desktop to Web

The form below is part of the Arts Council’s desktop CMS application built in Microsoft Access, connected to the Microsoft SQL Server database on the Arts Council web host. The desktop application provides an easy mechanism for editing the site content, here an announcement about the PEEPshow.

arts council announcements desktop form

Below is a snapshot of the web page that renders this same database entry.

arts council sample announcement page