Solutions for the Construction & Asphalt Industries

I am highly experienced in building and supporting the construction and asphalt industry. Solutions I have implemented since 1996 have slashed client costs by incredible numbers. Contact me today to improve your processes, and save you money!

Industries Served

My experience is diversified. I have implemented many solutions for data automation in the heavy-highway, asphalt, and aggregate operations industry. I’ve solved many data management problems for municipalities and non-profits. Following good database and software design engineering principles, I design a system that fits your operation. Integrated solutions can be custom built for any industry. I have the tools and experience to develop solutions for you.

 Custom Solutions 

Load Out Sales Manager Real Time Plant Monitor Mix Book Plan Room

Custom Solutions

Load Out Sales Manager (LOSM)

LOSM is a management capability to manage plant production by shift and automate the process of billing ticketed material for asphalt, aggregate and selected recycling facilities.

Real Time Plant Monitor (RTPM)

RTPM is a browser-based production dashboard for asphalt and aggregate production.

Mix Book

The Mix Book is a browser-based asphalt “Cookbook” for managing the cost factors, ingredients and mix makeup for any number of mixes across multiple plants.

Plan Room

The Plan Room is a browser-based Internet File Share for sharing large files with selected organizations, with logging of which files were viewed by specific organizations and users. One use of this data is proof of effort to include minority subcontractors.